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Pro   Deo   State   University   has   high   expectations   of   our   students,   our   faculties   and   Departments   the institution   and   of   our   New   International   Universities   and   Institutes.   Our   goal   is   to   provide   outstanding development opportunities and learning experiences that will transform lives. Since   its   founding   days,   Pro   Deo   State   University   has   remained   unwavering   in   its   commitment   to   empower individuals   and   encourage   in   its   community   an   abiding   desire   to   advance   the   public   good.   Our   inspiring   and dynamic   academic   environment   helps   to   encourage   encourages   students   and   faculty   to   further   develop   their fortes   and   become   leaders   in   their   fields.   At   the   same   time,   we   strive   to   lead   by   example.   As   the   university continues    to    build    momentum,    we    continuously    reinvest    in    the    success    of    our    students    both    locally    and Internationally. The   fundamental   of   everything   we   do   is   our   philosophy   of   Providing   ne   Knowledge   to   our   students.   It's   more   than   a marketing   promise.   It's   the   creed   that   gives   purpose   to   PDSU’s   mission   of   providing   a   modern   and   accessible   education   in the   arts,   sciences,   security,   management   humanities   and   professions.   We   pride   ourselves   on   the   many   ways   that   we engage our students — inside the classroom, throughout the community and around the globe.
In memoriam 25   years   ago   the   academic   world   lost   a   valued   member.      He   died   on   the   3rd   of   March   1993.   Prof.   Sabin was   best   known   for   developing   the   oral   polio   vaccine.   He   was   also   known   for   his   research   in   the   fields of   human   viral   diseases,   toxoplasmosis,   and   cancer.      Sabin   refused   to   patent   his   vaccine,   waiving   every commercial   exploitation   by   pharmaceutical   industries,   so   that   the   low   price   would   guarantee   a   more extensive   spread   of   the   treatment.   From   the   development   of   his   vaccine   Sabin   didn't   gain   a   single dollar, continuing to live on his salary as a professor. In   his   later   life   Prof.   Sabin   received   a   doctorate   from   Pro   Deo   University   and   served   as   a   member   of   the Academic Senate of Pro Deo University.